• Following Joan of Arc throughout Touraine

    • Genre : Histoire,
    • Publié en 2011,
    • 112 pages,
    • 8,90 €,
    • Editions : PBCO-Editions,
    • ISBN : 978-2-35042-019-6
    The fate of France decided in Touraine

    The Touraine region is where Joan of Arc's glorious epic journey started. There, in the "Garden of France", she convinced King Charles VII to go against his advisers and make the two decisions that were to change the course of the Hundred Years War, and of the French and English history:

    In Chinon, the plain shepherdess coming from Lorraine met Charles VII and persuaded him of her divine mission. There, he entrusted her with his army; there, the reconquest of France was initiated.

    In Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois, Joan of Arc found her famous sword with its five crosses.

    In Tours, she received her piece of armour and her banner.

    In Loches, after her victory over the English at Orléans, she managed to convince her "gentle dauphin" Charles to go to Reims and be crowned there, so that he would be at last, for his subjects as well as for his enemies, the legitimate monarch of France.

    Using testimonies and documents from Joan of Arc's time only, the author invites his readers to follow the Maid day after day on her journey throughout Touraine. This is the occasion to finally get better acquainted with this icon of the French history.

    This book is completed and enriched by many illustrations ­ often hitherto unpublished ­ and pictures of the places that Joan visited.