• Travel log for Loches in Touraine

    • Genre : Patrimoine,
    • Publié en 2010,
    • 64 pages,
    • 19,50 €,
    • Editions : PBCO Editions,
    • ISBN : 978-2-35042-017-2
    Loches, one thousand years of History

    Loches is an exceptional medieval site and town. One thousand years of History have been inscribed in stone, this luminous tufa limestone which is the true light of Touraine. Prestigious monuments, narrow twisting lanes, modest dwellings and private mansions, set in the heart of three successive ramparts, form a remarkable whole which time has not ruined.

    Everything here is none other than beauty and passion: the reasons for which this Travel Log was created. The perspective of the artist from the North along with the Tourangeau's could only inspire these pages which are both a souvenir of a beautiful walk and a collection of magnificent emotions.